The Quest For R2-D2 is a game made by Three Melons for The LEGO Group. It was released for beta in 2009 and later officially released in late 2009. It was very popular. It is based off of Lego Star Wars but now is not very popular. It is somewhat glitchy. The game engine is Unity3D.


The goal of the game is to find a missing droid called R2-D2 in order to find plans for a new type of warship. When the game begins, the user is presented with a screen asking them which character to choose, out of 2 available. There are two other characters visible, but they are currently locked. The player joins either the Jedi or the Dark Force, based on which character they picked. If you finish half of the levels with a starting-level character, you unlock the other character on that side. There are 15 levels for each character. The levels have different types of goals. These can be :

  • Reaching the other side of the level
  • Eliminating all enemies on the level
  • Destroying a large piece of equipment
  • Fixing a large piece of equipment

In addition to completing the goals, users often do other optional things along the way. Scattered across the map are small crystals of varying shpes and sizes that the player can collect to gain bonus points. Also scattered around the maps are small pieces of equipment that can be destroyed for even more points. The player also can get crystals by destroying enemies. Also, there are secret rooms on most levels that can contain even more crystals. Finally, there are platinum bricks only found on roughly half the levels. Once collected, these platinum bricks allow you to upgrade some of your abilities, such as jumping height or health. These platinum bricks are usually found in obscure places such as secret rooms and hard-to-reach ledges.

There are also crates that sometimes drop points or give you a teammate. The last level is the longest in the game. Enemies only have blasters and not lightsabers.


There is also a multiplayer theme to this game. Each time a player plays any level with any side, it adds points to that side's total score. Every week, the points are tallied, the side with more total points on it wins, and the total points for each side is cleared. Jedi have always won this weekly competition and Sith have never won.


The levels are the same for each team, but they go in opposite directions, and the objectives and enemy setups are different for each player.